Designing a web page or website can be done from the scratch or by modifying an existing website. When you already have a website your concern will be more on how to make the conversion from visitors as high as possible instead of re-designing the look of the website.

Designing a website from the scratch.

A website basically consists of 3 main parts.

1. Domain Name

A domain name is just like a person’s name it can be your company’s name or any name that reflects your website personality or interest. You want to make sure that your domain name is easy to remember thus you might want to avoid a domain name that contains a dash, and sometimes a number. You want short and easy-to-remember names.

2. a Hosting Company

You will need a hosting company where all your website files like articles, images, and other types of files are stored. A hosting company will provide you with all the requirements for your website.

A domain name and hosting company can be different or the same company.

3. CMS (Content Management System) software

When you want to have a website with dozens or even hundreds of pages you need a system that can make it easy to manage, such as write, publishing, and editing a post. To achieve this goal you need CMS software, there is a lot of CMS system we can choose however the most prominent is WordPress.

WordPress gives you a lot of choices for designing your website with or without add-in programs (plugins).

Designing a Website using WordPress

The current website version that uses Gutenberg editor has its own design capabilities without additional plugins. If you want to extend Gutenberg functionality you can add the Spectra plugin.

Another widely used plugin for website design is Elementor, there is a free and paid versions. When using the free version you can also add the Essential Addons for Elementor plugin that provides 40+ stunning elements that can be used as alternatives to paid version elements.

Redesigning an existing website

Redesigning an existing website could be easier or getting harder compared to building a website from the scratch.

If the website fundamentals are correct like the niche selection and targeted keywords were correct from the beginning, then we only need to optimize the existing website by adding more relevant content and relevant backlinks.

But if the niche selection is already wrong (too competitive) thus the targeted keywords are also not correct, then we need to makeover the website not only the design but also the contents.